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Unified Commerce

  • Cloud-native headless platform
  • Apps for all checkout endpoints
  • Optimisation powered by AI

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Unified Logistics

  • Warehouse management
  • Multi-site flows for B2B & B2C
  • Supply chain visibility & compliance

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We work with retailers and logistics providers to manage, optimize and digitally transform their entire business - from in-store services to central operations and supply chain.

Solutions built for a new era of retail

Unified Commerce
Hii Retail
Shopping Experience
Customer Engagement
POS & Backoffice for SMBs
Unified Commerce

Step into the fast lane of retailing with frictionless self-service shopping

Elevate your retail game with us and seamlessly merge physical and digital realms to create unified commerce. Integrate checkout, personalization, and loyalty, all powered by Google Cloud, enhancing in-store experiences and diverse shopping journeys.

  • Elevated customer experience
  • Streamlined checkouts
  • Personalized shopping
  • Enhanced loyalty programs

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Hii Retail

Are your retail systems causing integration headaches?

Our Hii Retail platform, powered by Google Cloud, provides flexible SaaS applications and services for retailers looking to modernize the in-store shopping experience. Unify traditional POS, self-service, e-commerce, and websites on a single platform using microservices.

  • Build-on approach for smooth integrations
  • Channel-agnostic experiences
  • Integrates to the current ecosystem
  • Record-fast time-to-market

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Unified commerce platform – extenda retail
Shopping Experience

Experience inefficient in-store processes and high shrinkage?

Optimize the heart of your retail chain! Create seamless, flexible checkout journeys and in-store processes across channels and empower your employees with powerful tools.

  • Endless delivery flexibility
  • Seamless omni-channel integration
  • Rapid and scalable technology stack
  • Cutting-edge cloud infrastructure

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extenda-retail-shopping experience
Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Struggling to retain and delight customers in a competitive marketplace?

With Extenda Retail’s Customer Engagement toolkit, your staff can leverage data-driven insights and automation to deliver a memorable and personalized shopping experience.

  • Build long-term customer relationships
  • Drive repeat purchases
  • Customize offers for each individual
  • Increase brand value

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POS & Backoffice for SMBs

Lacking the checkout technology to put customers first and keep up with demand?

Discover ExtendaGO – a bespoke solution designed for single stores and chains in service-intensive retail and hospitality industries.

  • Monthly license POS software
  • Rapid 'Plug & Play' setup
  • Zero setup or hidden costs
  • Seamless ecosystem integration

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Crafting success stories for our valued customers

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Hii Retail: Plantagen’s choice of a modern & secure cloud-native POS checkout solution. Learn what sets Extenda Retail apart from our competitors.
Customer case – Auchan

Auchan Retail

Discover how Auchan Retail, the world’s 11th biggest retailer, created an efficient and seamless shopping experience with our POS and Checkout solutions.
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Self-Service Loss Prevention

Download our checklist and learn how to detect suspicious behavior with our SSLP, using ML and AI to spot anomalies before checkout:

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Invaluable insights for the retail industry

In-Store & Checkout

The ultimate guide to safely handling dangerous goods

Fashion & specialized trade
Grocery & convenience
In-Store & Checkout

Loss prevention checklist: the 360° strategy to reduce retail shrinkage and maximize profits

Cloud-Native Retail Platform

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