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About us

Combining our extensive retail knowledge with our passion for innovation, people and peerless software.

Inspiring retailers to go further.

Let’s not be shy. We’re about as knowledgeable when it comes to retail as one could possibly be. We eat, sleep and dream retail. Which means we understand how consumers think, and how they act. Based on this expertise, we build software that offers great opportunities for retailers to up their game. So they can go places their competitors won’t.

Put simply: We inspire retailers to go further.

Extenda Retail – Your Software Partner For Future Retail Success:

Our Brand Beliefs

Love innovation

New ways of doing retail business are developing at an amazing pace. That pace is our drive. We see possibilities emerge in new technologies and shifting paradigms. And we make it our role not to follow, but to lead. Always updated, always ready to implement new ideas.

Embrace progress

To contribute to our client’s success is always our focus. Development is an applied art and we are proud to put attention to details and make simplicity beautiful. But it is by delivering a competitive edge we fulfil our mission.

Act human

People like to shop. We like people. So, it’s always with a human in mind we work with digital solutions. It is by creating easy and efficient interaction that we enhance the experience, both for retailers and consumers.

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Our Story

Extenda Retail was established during the fall of 2018, but our roots run way deeper. The new company is the result of the merger of Visma Retail and Extenda. Two leading retail technology firms with almost 40 years each in retail, that together had the perfect prerequisites to become one united software provider to leading retailers.

Now, we combine our new strength with our extensive retail expertise to help large retailers go further. This with our vision top of mind: to improve the lives of billions by creating solutions for the next generation of retail experience. We aim for this driven by our mission; enabling future success of retailers globally.

With the Nordics as our home track, we use our vision as a compass when we take on the world of retail building software for the future.

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The organisation

Extenda Retail is owned by STG Partners, a well-established private equity firm based in California, U.S. STG Partners have a successful track record of investments in the retail sector with the object to build customer-centric market winners through a close partnership.

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We’d love to get to know you! Please reach out to us to learn more about Extenda Retail and how we can help transform your business.
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