Today’s global retail markets are faster paced, more complex and more competitive than ever. It’s a world that demands innovation, agility and precision to keep ahead. The margin for error is razor-thin, and there’s no time for downtime. The advantage goes to firms that can leverage technology across their organisation to simplify shopping for an increasingly demanding market.

Extenda Retail understands these challenges and is working with some of the market leaders in the Retail sector to embrace new technologies to improve efficiencies and deliver a world-class experience for their customers.

Extenda Retail comes from the merger of Visma Retail and Extenda, two leading retail technology firms that together offer a wide range of solutions from point of sale, store management through to the back office. We have an extensive client base across the Nordics and throughout Europe with our solutions being used in over 37 countries.

Our vision is to become a global leader by helping leading retail chains with digital business transformation. We will keep a strong focus on large international chains within Grocery, Pharmaceutical, Convenience and fuel, Fashion and specialised trade.

Our new company is backed by STG partners, a well-established private equity company based in California with a successful track of investments in the retail sector.

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With passion for retail and instinct for innovation we believe that diversity is a key for creativity and a factor of success.

We operate in the disruptive retail technology sector with an exciting journey in front of us, so we need the best and brightest to come on board. We aim for a global presence where we enable the best customer experience for retailers all over the world with our cutting-edge technologies. Take the opportunity to work at one of the most attractive software companies who operates as a market leader with the mind set for a disruptive future.

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Peter Fischer


Peter Fischer has served as the Division Director of Visma Retail since 2008. He has extensive experience in senior management positions at large technology companies such as Axlon Group, Fujitsu Sweden, VenCap companies, Invid, and Siemens.

Håkan Valberg


Håkan joined Extenda as CEO in 2016. He has broad experience from the global software industry, holding senior management positions at Advent Software, JDA/i2, Industri-Matematik/CDC and IBM. Håkan has also served on the boards of several software companies, including Limina Financial,  Innometrics, Prodacapo, Readsoft and Metier.

Joakim Fredin


Joakim Fredin joined Visma Retail in 2009 as the Division Finance Director. He holds a Master of Science in Financial Economics from the University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, and has previously served in various senior finance positions at large and mid-sized groups such as General Electric and the Telge group.

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