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Wim Kroes

International Business Representative

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Wim Kroes, International Business Representative, is among our team of retail experts available for consultations. Working with large retail chains and companies seeking a new WMS, he ensures their businesses are future-proofed with Extenda Retail’s solutions. 'Finding the perfect solution to my clients’ pain points is what truly motivates me – there is always a way to propel a retail business further!

With 40+ years of experience from complex retail operations, our experts know how to enable success for large retailers, enhancing every customer touch point.

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  • Pharmacy
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Unified commerce

Unified commerce

We transform the customer journey across all digital touchpoints, creating a unified, seamless and personal experience.


Pioneering technology

Innovation at the heart of our business, our cloud-based solutions evolve with the latest technology, future-proofing your operations.


Comprehensive solutions

Sales and distribution excellence achieved through trust, innovation & care. Market-leading solutions from warehouse to in-store checkouts.

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