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Discover how one of the world’s biggest retailers created an efficient and seamless shopping experience with our POS and Checkout solutions.

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Customer case – Auchan
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With over 2,000 stores and about 300,000 employees, Auchan Retail is the 11th biggest retailer in the world. They successfully enhanced the in-store customer experience by implementing the Extenda Retail POS and Checkout solutions.


Global grocery retailer Auchan Retail wanted to enhance the in-store customer experience by providing a seamless user journey, both for customers and staff members

By implementing Extenda Retail's In-Store & Checkout solutions such as Mobile POS, Self Checkout, Self Scan and Scan & Go solutions, their customer journey is now more efficient and seamless than ever, improving the overall shopping experience.

Watch our video and learn how the innovative team at Auchan Retail is pioneering the checkout experience, in partnership with Extenda Retail.

Extenda Retail POS has been successfully rolled out for Auchan Retail in several countries across Europe. The solution is agnostic in terms of hardware and peripherals - perfect for Auchan who utilizes varying hardware in different countries.

  • Simple to use, quick training for staff
  • Same solution in all store concepts
  • Unified customer experience

Nathalie Louis

Head of Customer Care & Checkout, Auchan Retail

“Extenda Retail’s solutions are easy for our staff to learn and use. Our customers can change their journey exactly as they wish, they find the same checkout options in all of our store concepts – from hypermarkets to convenience stores – and can pay effortlessly, thanks to Extenda Retail.”

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About In-Store & Checkout

Equipped with an open architecture, our POS (Point-of-Sale) solutions are easy to integrate with third-party software. From customizable POS software, mobile POS solutions, various self-service solutions and tools for store management, our market-leading technology enables ongoing optimization of store operations based on factors such as customer flow and staffing.

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