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Bonver Logistics, an experienced logistics and distribution company, has achieved real warehousing victories in a complex environment with NYCE.LOGIC WMS.

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Customer case – Bonver
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With over 35 years of experience within logistics and distribution, Bonver Logistics focuses on B2C e-commerce. A key to their success is continuous development of warehouse operations, made possible by NYCE.LOGIC WMS.




Showcasing value with warehouse optimization

Looking for a new warehouse management system, Bonver Logistics wanted an experienced partner to take their warehouse operations to the next level, meet increasing order volumes and create success for their customers in the field of retail and e-commerce.

Enabling speed, scalability and effortless onboarding of new clients, our partnership with Bonver Logistics has been a real success - achieving cost reductions of at least 15%, and a 55% increase in efficiency. Their customers are benefiting from lower prices thanks to increased volumes, initiatives to optimize efficiency, great and motivated staff and automation. Lead times are faster, and employee satisfaction rates are up.

“In 2021, we fulfilled around 70% more orders than in 2020 - with the same demand on delivery times. We managed this by keeping our warehouse at the forefront and proactively working to increase capacity.”

Key numbers

15 %

cost reduction

55 %

efficiency increase

20-30 %

price decrease to customers

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Evolving the logistics industry together

A symbiotic relationship, NYCE.LOGIC develops together with Bonver Logistics, exploring new horizons for the logistics industry. Our WMS adapts to the ever-changing needs of Bonver Logistics with support and development of new functionality, while the client provides crucial user feedback, pioneering with our latest technology.

“One of the reasons we chose NYCE.LOGIC WMS from Extenda Retail is that like us, they have a lot of experience in this industry, they’re one of the driving forces in the WMS market, and are always developing their warehouse management system with a very clear roadmap for the future - in line with our needs.”

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