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Discover how we enabled frictionless, digital shopping solutions for Coop Sweden‘s customers with Scan & Pay, built with our cloud-native shopping solution Scan & Go.

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Coop is one of Sweden’s largest food chains with around 800 stores and over 3.7 million members across the country. With the implementation of Scan & Pay, Coop has transformed their customer journey in record time. Within three months after the launch, 60% of the customers had moved to the new app.



Scan & Go

Frictionless, digital solutions for independent shopping

Coop Scan & Pay enables customers to complete their shopping in an independent, quick and safe way - with their own smartphone. After downloading the app, customers can immediately start scanning the products without the need for registration. The software ensures that the customer receives correct prices and promotions, loyalty offers and bonus points, while securing a completed payment before the transaction is finalized.

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Carita Weiss

Manager of Payments, Coop Sweden

“It’s amazing how fast we’ve changed the customer journey. Within 3 months of the launch, 60% of our customers have moved to this app: Coop Scan & Pay, in partnership with Extenda Retail.”

About Scan & Go solution

Our Scan & Go App is a cloud-native shopping solution that has been developed as a secure and manageable self-service alternative to self-checkouts. Based on Google cloud services, the software is dynamically scalable - removing the need for manual or in-store installations.

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