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Well-known Norwegian Isbilen transformed the whole purchasing experience and made it fast and frictionless for both staff and customers.

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Case in short
The customer

Isbilen AS was founded in 1996 and is offering unique customer delivery of ice cream, desserts, and food items that are sold through around 100 truck vendors. With Extenda Retails software implemented, Isbilen can offer their customers a smooth purchasing experience.

Providing the ultimate customer shopping experience

Isbilen's goal is to provide ice cream to everyone, no matter where they are in the country. With limited time at every stop, they needed a solution that allows their staff to work fast and provide their customers with an extraordinary shopping experience.

ExtendaGO's solution is highly mobile with a POS on an Apple Ipad which enables the staff to simply bring it out of the car and immediately start sales and accept payments. All information such as sales performance data is automatically collected from all POS stations and shared with the head office so they can do reporting in real time.

Keysuccess factors since the implementation of ExtendaGO:

  • High speed
  • Easy to use
  • Trustworthy solution
  • Frictionless payments

“This system makes the daily life of our drivers easier. I’ts an efficient system, it’s speedy, not complex at all and the margin of error is small”

Marvel Skreien Stigen
Head of Marketing and Communication, Isbjørn Is Holding AS,

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The solution

ExtendaGO comes with an enhanced API first approach. Everything that is done within the platform is automatically and immediately connected to the ice cream trucks' route planning. The help of heat maps allows staff to see a real-time overview of where and when sales have been made. It connects with all their inventory systems and everything else that is needed to support their operation.

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