An intuitive POS: secure, flexible, and scalable.

Learn how Plantagen accelerated their growth, delivered a unified commerce experience, and increased efficiency in stores with Extenda Retail’s Hii Retail cloud-native POS.

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Case in short
The customer

Plantagen has over 120 stores across the Nordic region, with 41 stores in Sweden, 70 stores in Norway and 12 stores in Finland. With just one software - Hii Retail, they were able to increase efficiency and elevate customer experience.

Plantagen wanted a modern solution that is scalable and flexible

A secure and user-friendly POS for their business, staff, and customers

With Hii (High Intensity Intelligent) Retail cloud platform, Plantagen has eliminated long and manual onboarding processes with soft rollouts; and smooth transitions to newly upgraded systems. Running on a cloud platform, consistency is also guaranteed in their POS across all stores: gift cards, loyalty programs, discounts, promotions, and more. Their customers can now enjoy a unified shopping experience regardless of how they shop, when they shop, and where they shop.

Watch and learn how Plantagen delivers an elevated customer experience with our user-friendly checkout solution:

  • Minimal training is required for store personnel for the POS upgrades
  • From global campaigns to regional, to local, Plantagen can run them smoothly with Hii Retail 
  • Unified commerce shopping experience: stable and reliable checkout experience for their customers
  • Secure POS that is able to support the high volume of transactions

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Olav Fyldeng

Chief Information Officer, Plantagen

"Hii Retail is a very intelligent system, it is fast, scalable, and flexible. We are doing a lot of campaigns, and given Plantagen's size and the geographic distances we have, we can't run the same campaigns at all locations at the same time. With Hii Retail, we can manage all these different variations and it works like clockwork. "

About Hii Retail Cloud Platform

Hii (High Intensity Intelligent) Retail operates on the cloud, enabling retailers to tailor and deliver a seamless customer shopping experience across all channels: digital & physical. Every touch point can be customized to elevate a shopper's journey. The Hii Retail Cloud Platform creates a fluid, channel-agnostic experience that puts the customer in focus - so-called unified commerce. It includes shopper and store-facing services, covering Checkout, Personalisation, Loyalty and more.

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