Customer cases

How our solutions transformed the operations of leading retail and logistics businesses, including global retail chain Auchan Retail, and Sweden’s postal service PostNord.

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Hii Retail: Plantagen’s choice of a modern & secure cloud-native POS checkout solution. Learn what sets Extenda Retail apart from our competitors.
Customer case – Auchan

Auchan Retail

Discover how Auchan Retail, the world’s 11th biggest retailer, created an efficient and seamless shopping experience with our POS and Checkout solutions.
Customer case – Coop


Coop, one of Sweden’s largest food chains, transformed their customer journey with the cloud-native Scan & Pay self-service checkout solution.
Customer case – Bonver

Bonver Logistics

Bonver Logistics, a logistics and distribution company specializing in retail and e-commerce, wins in a complex warehousing environment with NYCE.LOGIC WMS.
Pick by Voice – Kjell customer case

Kjell & Company

Retailer Kjell & Company, one of the most well-established brands in Swedish retail, optimized their warehouse with NYCE.LOGIC WMS.


Blakemore successfully enhanced the in-store customer experience by implementing the Extenda Retail POS, Backoffice, and Self Checkout solutions.


Retailer Isbilen, a well-known ice cream brand in Norway, transformed into a unique shopping experience with ExtendaGO.

PostNord TPL

NYCE.LOGIC WMS harmonizes the operations of PostNord TPL, Sweden’s largest 3PL company, building efficient processes with the latest technology.

Creating possibilities for leading retail chains and logistics businesses

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