Visma has entered into an agreement with US private equity firm STG to divest its retail software units. Extenda Retail is a result of the merger between previously Visma Retail and Extenda. From October 1st, 2018 Visma Retail and Extenda goes under the name Extenda Retail.

We work with leading retailers in the Nordics and international Tier 1 retailers with the most demanding requirements spanning the following industries:


More than 35 years serving the grocery sector has built a strong platform of knowledge and experience toward this market. We understand the unique and industry-specific requirements needed to successfully operate and grow a grocery business. Our solutions are developed in close collaboration with leading grocery retailers.


We have been at the cutting edge of the development and delivery of solutions to the Nordic pharmaceutical market since the market deregulation in Sweden 2009. Our solutions are designed to maximize patient care, workflow and profits. We are proud to be partnering with some of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe and together we're successfully driving the market forward.


We have been leveraging technology to the fashion and specialised trade industry for about 20 years, and know which keys that are crucial to success. Real-time data, optimised logistics, and insights through BI are some of the vital components as well as supplying the staff with agile tools in order to serve the customer right.


Convenience and fuel is an industry with an extensive range of specific requirements. Our unique solutions are customised to tackle the complexity of the industry and we are proud to offer a series of optimised applications and integrations within the field.

Some of the retailers we are proud to call our customers

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