Discovery session: Re-Vision Impact CTRL Theft Prevention

View the Impact CTRL discovery session to learn about the highlights of Re-Vision’s groundbreaking theft prediction solution, and how it can safeguard your retail business.

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Learn how to safeguard your business with the latest theft prediction technology.


In retail, trust is good - but control is better.

View this 30-minute discovery session to learn how you can leverage Machine Learning technology to control the impact of theft on your business and revolutionize self-service theft prevention.

Get concrete examples from Re-Vision’s Julian Kouters and Michael Sabrkhany, as they share how Impact Control identifies shopping patterns leading to theft at store-level. Learn how this revolutionary software assigns an individual probability of theft to every self-service customer in the store – in real-time.


  • Impact CTRL – An introduction
  • Impact CTRL – Added value
  • Q&A

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In just 30-minutes, you'll learn how to take control of your store transactions by leveraging your own data against fraud.

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Meet the speakers


Julian Koiters

Business Developer, Re-Vision


Michael Sabrkhany

VP Sales, Re-Vision

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