Self-Service and Loss Prevention in Retail 2023

View our insight session: Discover how to reduce shrinkage and losses all while safeguarding your profits. Enhancing customer experience and boosting the efficiency of retail operations

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Self-Service and loss prevention in retail- on demand webinar

How retailers can reduce shrinkage and losses

A report by NRSS (National Retail Security Survey) showed that shrinkages totaled up to $100 billion! Despite the convenience of self-checkouts, it is inevitable that retailers will face theft and shrinkage.

In this webinar, our Chief Product Officer, Thomas Staven, will address how retailers like yourself can tackle this long-standing problem.


  • How are we using machine learning to train our loss detection engine
  • Studying shoppers’ journey to detect theft and unusual behavior
  • How our solution can skip unnecessary basket audits to create a seamless shopping experience
  • Increase store efficiency through loss probability triggers to perform basket audits

The session is held in English.

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