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Fashion and specialized trade are two industries that require flexible, tailored solutions. Together with leading retailers from these industries, we have designed the perfect fit of retail and logistics software solutions that evolve together with this fast-paced industry, enabling the flexibility it requires.

Fashion & specialized trade – store manager

We have been developing and delivering in-store and WMS software to the fashion and specialized trade industry for over 20 years, so we know what requirements are crucial to success. Real-time data, a variety of offers, optimized logistics and insights through Business Intelligence are some of the vital components for these retailers today. We also provide the staff with agile tools to gain efficiency and deliver a world-class experience to the customer.

Solutions tailored to fashion & specialized trade:

Solution – Hii Retail Cloud Platform

Cloud-Native Retail Platform

Enable next-generation retail operations.
Solution – In-store & Checkout

Shopping Experience

Optimize the heart of your retail chain.

Warehouse Management

Accelerate growth and reduce complexity with industry-leading WMS.

Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Build loyalty and client satisfaction.
Solution – ExtendaGO

POS & Backoffice for SMBs

POS & back office for single stores and chains.

ExtendaGO for small & medium enterprises

With our suite of solutions, we help fashion & specialized trade retailers to:

  • Ensure seamless shopping with optimized logistics and true omni processes
  • Build customer loyalty with personalized offers
  • Streamline all operations with real-time data
  • Tailor the check-out experience to the preference of your staff and customers

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Fashion & specialized trade – ExtendaGO

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