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Evolving the industry together

The grocery industry is ever-changing and under a lot of pressure to evolve and respond to new customer demands. There is an increasing need for short time-to-market to stay competitive, and the industry leaves no room for software downtime. 

So it is safe to say developing solutions for groceries requires some extra skilled and experienced minds. We have those minds. For more than 35 years we have created software for large grocery chains, and we are proud to say that we truly know the industry and its challenges. Together with leading grocery chains, our solutions are constantly developed, tweaked and refined. We understand the unique and industry-specific requirements needed and we have seen first-hand how small improvements in efficiency can create significant cost savings and profitability gains.

That’s why our solutions for groceries are designed to be robust and dependable but also intuitive and flexible.

Solutions tailored to groceries:


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