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The big challenge in wholesale and industry logistics is to maintain efficiency while keeping costs down – or reducing them.

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Stock planners and staff often spend a majority of their time answering the same routine questions, and making the same decisions:

  • Which zones, corridors or articles should be inventoried?
  • Where should goods be placed?
  • What orders should be picked first?
  • How does this customer want us to pack the goods?

For that reason, businesses in this sector require a progressive Warehouse Management System that supports related operations, such as Customer Service. This is where NYCE.LOGIC comes in – our cloud-based solution covers all fulfillment processes and is tailored to your warehouse layout.

Our industry-leading WMS is focused on your KPIs

NYCE.LOGIC WMS streamlines your operations and increases productivity, profitability and efficiency. Our best-of-breed WMS offers reliable real-time dashboards that give you the data you need to drive the full supply chain cycle.

Let NYCE.LOGIC make the decisions

With the right IT support for inventory management, you can easily automate repetitive decision-making processes. Streamlining your warehouse operations reduces errors, saves money and time, and creates a better experience for your customers.

NYCE.LOGIC WMS has complete functionality for using tools such as Pick By Voice, Automation, Workforce Planning and much more. Add-on modules with tools to increase customer benefit are easily available. The system has been built to empower warehouse managers; if you want to change any details in your processes or workflows, you can easily do this yourself without costly development.

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Creating possibilities for industry & wholesale leaders

Industry-leading WMS modules to get your logistics up to speed:


Warehouse Management

Accelerate growth and reduce complexity with leading WMS.

Dynamic API

Boost efficiency, minimize errors and improve ergonomics.
Pick by voice

Pick by Voice

Boost efficiency, minimize errors and improve ergonomics.
Warehouse automation

Warehouse Automation

Streamline processes with AI, robotics and machine learning.
Dangerous goods

Dangerous Goods & ADR

Forecast, organize and optimize your workforce.

Accelerate growth and reduce complexity.

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