Extenda Retail launches a new flagship, Hii Checkout, built on Google Cloud

The groundbreaking checkout platform helps retailers reduce time to market and merges physical and digital shopping experiences.

  • To provide scale, speed, agility and unprecedented innovation capability to retailers, the Hii Checkout is implemented as a pure cloud or cloud-hybrid deployment
  • The Software as a Service (SaaS) checkout platform merges physical and digital shopping experiences, where unified pricing and promotions is an essential part of a personalised experience
  • Built on Google Cloud, the Hii Checkout enables “Commerce-in-the-cloud” with scalable checkout journeys, faster response times and elasticity

Stockholm, Sweden – Monday, 14th June, 2021: With a mission to help retailers go further and move faster, global retail software company Extenda Retail launches a pure cloud/cloud-hybrid checkout platform designed for high-intensity digital and physical commerce, called the Hii (High-Intensity-Intelligent) Checkout.

The recent changes in retail have highlighted the importance of dynamically adapting the customer shopping journey, whether that be to keep shoppers safe, create a more personalised offer and experience, or increase channels to market and unify the offer. In all cases, retailers’ time-to-market has taken on a new level of importance.

The Hii Checkout, now being piloted by a number of retailers, is a SaaS solution – a web-based application that allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. It is a unified commerce platform, one that is designed to allow retailers to craft multiple, connected customer journeys across physical and digital channels. The component-based architecture enables services to be deployed to balance flexibility with resilience, and deliver a unified, frictionless experience to shoppers and employees on both retailer and consumer devices.

Built on Google Cloud, the Hii Checkout is made up of three key components:

  • Hii Checkout Engine – Transacts the customers’ shopping baskets regardless of channel. Products can be checked in or out of the cart from anywhere at any time. It powers unified pricing and promotions across all channels and devices.
  • Hii Checkout Hub – Handles all data transfers to and from other systems. It is an expanding library of microservices and APIs, allowing retailers to configure their own checkouts based on individual requirements.
  • Hii Checkout App – This app delivers the unified end-user experience on any device to both shoppers and employees.

Extenda Retail’s software allows retailers to create their own customer experience by utilising all or some of these three components, and quickly complementing them with other applications to deliver a truly unique experience. In addition to creating a seamless shopping journey, the Hii Checkout enables real-time, universal updates across all checkout systems and devices, continuous deployment and upgrades, as well as real-time pricing, promotions and data.

Leendert H Venema, CEO at Extenda Retail, says: “The future of retail is all about experience and engagement, and is boiled down to winning the carts, the hearts and the minds of consumers. Extenda Retail is committed to creating these frictionless and enjoyable shopping journeys that keep retailers’ customers coming back.

“These ever-changing consumer demands put pressure on retailers to move away from solutions that are restricted by the heavy, monolithic applications of the past. We have already started this journey using Google Cloud`s industry-leading cloud capabilities and technology. On the same platform, we are now launching our new flagship Hii Checkout to help our retail customers create further speed, service and differentiation in their businesses. The platform enables our customers to deliver fast, pleasurable and seamless checkout experiences – and that’s what we see as the future of retail.”

Eva Fors, Managing Director, Nordics, Google Cloud says: “We are excited to expand our partnership with Extenda Retail, as they deliver their suite of best-in-class retail solutions on Google Cloud. By leveraging Google’s catalogue of cloud services, innovative partners like Extenda Retail are able to move faster, as they transform their business to thrive in the rapidly evolving world of digital retail.”

Elias Jahshan, editor of leading retail news outlet Retail Gazette says: “The future of retail looks bright with Extenda Retail’s digital innovation. The challenge of keeping shoppers safe, to create a more personalised offer and experience, or to increase channels to market and unify the offer are extremely pertinent for retailers in this day and age. This is why innovation such as Extenda Retail’s Hii Retail technology is crucial. It will also make life easier for many retailers, and with one less thing to worry about, they can focus on making sure customers’ needs are met.”

The Hii Checkout is part of our Hii Retail Unified Commerce Platform, a library of cloud-based, value-adding applications like our Scan & Go, Attendant App, Item Recognition, Click & Collect and Shopping List.

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