Extenda Retail ranked as one of the top 10 most attractive employers when students get to choose

We are proud to announce that Extenda Retail has been recognised as one of the 10 most attractive employers to work for by young professionals in Sweden. Extenda Retail was ranked in place 9 out of 100 when a panel of engineering students voted for the most attractive employer.  

Extenda Retail was announced as one of Sweden’s 100 most interesting employers by Karriärföretagen in the beginning of 2020. Karriärföretagen is an institute that evaluates company employer brands and attraction index on the market of young professionals. After selecting the 100 most attractive employers a Student Advisory Board ranks the companies from 1 to 10 points based on: 

  • Career site
  • Presence on social media
  • Activities to target students
  • Attractiveness as an employer towards students

We are delighted to be recognised for the work we do to attract great talents as we have a clear focus on being an employer of choice on a competitive talent market. We see this recognition as a quality label of the work we do and a great motivation to continue on our path of becoming even better. We are almost 2 years into the story of Extenda Retail and it is with great expectation that we look forward to our journey ahead. 

For more information about Karriärföretagen, visit https://karriarforetagen.se/karriarforetag-2020

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