Improving retail with intelligent tools

– and a willing business change.

I have been very lucky in my time with this company to meet a wide range of people, from Cashiers in Sweden to CEOs in the UK.  All of them tend to ask me the same question; “How will your products help us?”

Behind their query can be a cynicism that software products cannot truly help them, or pure optimism that we surely must be able to help, somehow.

My response is always the same;
“If you want to improve your retail business, you need our products.”

I choose those words carefully. Our products are not a panacea. They are a tool, to be used in conjunction with a willing business change.

If a business wants to change (not only needs to change) and they implement our software, their actual change will be a quantum leap. Their expectations for improvement will always be surpassed, usually in ways they had either failed to imagine or simply didn’t dare to dream was possible.

Decades analysing retail

This result is not an accident or luck. At Extenda Retail we take a holistic approach to developing our products. We do not seek to simply solve process issues or to just remove inefficient practices in a business.

We have spent decades analysing retail from its basics all the way to the most complex needs and processes. Our solutions are Best Practice methods and tools that are based on our experience, agile design work and constant tuning across a significant time scale with deep expertise.

So when we answer a question such as the above, it is with full faith that we know what we’re saying is true, because we know retail.

They’re just tools

Until the machines truly take over it remains the case that humans are the most efficient at the majority of ad hoc tasks that require critical thinking and adaptation. Our solutions are simply an extension to these human strengths; just as a hammer focuses the force of an arm, our solutions focus the input of the user into a rapid, responsive activity that transforms their efforts into incredible retail magic.
But our work is never done, we are obsessed with efficiency. We work constantly to shave off steps and time from our processes, down to the millisecond if needs be.

So, we know that our tools are the most efficient tools for retail.

Yes, tools. But really really intelligent tools.

By this point in the conversation the person is usually intrigued (and considering halting my coffee supply). But I’m not done yet!
I have shown them their future; true efficiency with all users fully empowered in all processes, performing at their peak. They are happy.

Then I tell them their fortune. Our solutions watch, learn, and inform. The most efficient process is still a process. You need the special magic of business intelligence to ensure that this process is the right one, being done right…and at the right time.

A CEO being informed at the end of a Quarter of the sales results is a good trick. But much too late!

Informing thousands of Store Managers of their store’s current sales, in real-time, during a working day…that’s intelligence. Information that can be acted on, to make the future a successful one. Now that’s a neat trick!

At the end of the conversation, I usually get one more question:

“Why don’t you work in Sales?”


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Written by:
David Beresford,
Chief Knowledge Officer,
Product Development

David has been working within our product development department since early 2016, specialising in Knowledge and Education around our Retail Suite and POS products.

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