NRF Retail Trends 2021

Download our Report to read about the retail trends that will shape retail in the future

NRF 2021 Retail Trends Report: These trends will shape retail in the 2020s

Cloud retail, frictionless shopping, personalisation, omni-flexibility, visionary tech and creative ways of managing unpredicted changes will be key to retail success in 2021 and the future. 

In January 2021, leading retail software provider Extenda Retail attended the retail industry’s largest global event, NRF 2021: Retail’s Big Show – Chapter 1. The event was held virtually this year by the National Retail Federation due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. More than 330 speakers participated in 100 sessions to share lessons learned from the past year and look towards the opportunities of the new year. 

So, what trends impact the industry now and will continue to have an impact in the future? In our Retail Trends Report 2021, we have listed the most significant takeaways from this year’s NRF event. 

The Report includes examples from industry leaders, in addition to up and coming trends that early adopters can profit from. We have provided actionable insights and examples on how you can implement changes in your retail business. 

The topics of this report include:

  • Digital Retail
  • Cloud Retail
  • Warehouse management systems and automation
  • Omnichannel & frictionless experiences
  • Increased focus on social, environmental and equality issues
  • Customer engagement/personalisation
  • Small and medium retailers boost omnichannel capability
  • COVID-19 pandemic continues to drive change in retail
  • 2021 and beyond: looking to the future of retail

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