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Welcome to the world of warehouse robotics & automation! Learn how advanced technology can improve your WMS today.

Robotics are increasingly important in logistics. This technology is becoming a vital resource to ease warehouse operations. More and more, robotic and automation systems are implemented to manage important processes within the “four walls” – long gone are the days of paperwork. By adding solutions such as AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval systems) or Automation based on machine learning and big data, Logistics may achieve increased growth and performance efficiency in no time.

But what is WMS Robotics, really? Sign up to view this 30-minute Webinar On Demand in partnership with Blue Robot Company, and deep-dive into the world of warehouse robotics. Learn how a human-machine symbiosis will ease and speed up in-warehouse tasks with precision. In addition, the webinar introduces the participants to advanced technology solutions that, when implemented in the warehouse, will lead to increased productivity and efficiency.


  • Introduction
  • The evolution of warehouse robotics
  • The world of WMS Robotics: The tech transforming warehouses
  • How Blue Robot & NYCE.LOGIC’s solutions enable success
  • The future of WMS, automation and warehouse robotics
  • Q&A

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Johannes Puonti
Arnor Jonasson

More information

What is AS/RS?
An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) is a sort of warehouse technology that is computer-controlled and automatised, developed to allocate storage and execute placing tasks (with precision and speed).

What is Warehouse Automation?
Makes usage of AS/RS systems, but it combines with Warehouse Management System (WMS). In a nutshell, it contributes to reducing manual tasks and accelerates processes.


Johannes Puonti
Arnor Jonasson


Aired on Wednesday 28 April 2021


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