E-commerce logistics trends to watch in 2023

Join us for a crucial webinar on the latest trends in e-commerce logistics. Discover the impact of the pandemic and learn how advanced technology is shaping the future of the industry. Sign up for Wednesday, 22nd February 2023 at 11:00 - 11:40 AM CET.

  • 22 February 2023, 11AM CET
  • Zoom webinar
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As the world continues to emerge from the impact of COVID-19, the logistics industry is undergoing significant changes. New trends are emerging and companies must adapt to stay competitive. This webinar features a panel discussion with industry experts from NYCE.LOGIC and Bonver Logistics, where we will explore:

Trends to watch in 2023

  • Navigate the shifting demand and technology trends in the aftermath of COVID-19
  • The importance of picking up value-added services for a 3PL company in a recession
  • The push for sustainability and the role of greener supply chains in the future of logistics
  • Integration via data-driven strategies, data sharing, and other forms of software integration
  • The increasing importance of automation in a rapidly evolving industry
  • Companies are looking for competitive logistics partners to reduce costs
  • The slowing of e-commerce and the optimal opportunity to leverage 3PL actors for in-house logistics and warehousing
  • Foster customer loyalty for survival and success in a competitive market

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from top industry leaders and stay ahead in the logistics game!

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Meet the speakers


Paul Svanfeldt

CEO, Bonver Logistics


Johannes Puonti

Manager Client Success, Extenda Retail

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