ESTG, Europe’s largest distributor of sustainable energy products, goes live with the NYCE.LOGIC Warehouse Management System.


“Our warehouse is now future-proof”

ESTG, Europe’s largest distributor of sustainable energy products goes live with the NYCE.LOGIC WMS, part of Extenda Retail. From their energy-neutral premises in Oosterhout, Netherlands, ESTG selected NYCE.LOGIC in July 2022 to implement a market-ready Warehouse Management System to efficiently handle their annual 60,000 deliveries to 38 European countries. The implementation process has now been completed and ESTG is live with the system.

Stockholm, Sweden, 17 March 2023 NYCE.LOGIC, part of Extenda Retail, recently announced a partnership with ESTG to provide and implement a best-of-breed Warehouse Management System. The WMS is now live.

“We, the software provider, are excited to be part of ESTG’s ambition to be a driving force in providing professional installers across Europe with the sustainable energy products they need, now and in the future,” says Elena Pettersson, Client Delivery Manager at NYCE.LOGICExtenda Retail.

As an international wholesaler and Europe’s largest distributor of sustainable energy products, sustainable entrepreneurship forms the basis of ESTG’s business operations. The company’s product range contributes to a more sustainable society and by optimizing core processes ESTG are better able to serve their customers.

Automation and continuous innovation are key business drivers. The company focuses on distribution, warehouse management, logistics and fulfillment.

"Introducing a new WMS was a big step for us,” ESTG CEO Jacquiline Futselaar
states. “We were well guided on-site by the people from NYCE.LOGIC during the implementation and to overcome some challenges we were facing. We are happy with the results, our warehouse is now future-proof."

NYCE.LOGIC was selected as the result of a comprehensive market evaluation. The WMS was integrated with equipment and third-party applications by utilizing a ground-up, API-first approach. The flexible, standard out-of-the-box functionality coupled with a comprehensive roadmap of future enhancements means that costly customizations are all eliminated.

“We are proud to have ESTG as a customer and to be part of their journey. This means we can grow the Benelux team even faster and this also shows that we are an attractive supplier with a well proven product with future proof technology.” says Peter Johansson, Head of NYCE.LOGIC.

About ESTG

ESTG (European Sustainable Technology Group) started from a garage box in the Netherlands in 2010. After several moves, with an increasingly larger warehouse, ESTG has a 12,500 m2 warehouse since July 2020. From this warehouse, ESTG serves more than 7,000 professionals in 38 European countries as an international distributor with products that contribute to a sustainable society (for example Solar, LED lighting and charging stations). ESTG is an international wholesaler and Europe’s largest distributor of sustainable energy products.


The NYCE.LOGIC WMS is developed alongside new trends and technological innovations, as its team of experts works closely alongside automation partners and clients. The best-of-breed WMS is scalable, which means that it ‘grows’ together with customers, either if they implement new systems such as robotics, or when their order volumes increase.
NYCE.LOGIC has a hands-on, long-term approach when working together with customers. This unique setup allows customers to influence the product, and build long-term partnerships (NYCE.LOGIC proudly has had ongoing partnerships since 1998). The combination of a scalable solution, long-term partnerships and the customers’ ability to influence the product roadmap, is where NYCE.LOGIC really excels.


Carolin Jaques

Marketing Director, Extenda Retail

 +46 70 793 02 87

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