Stockholm, Sweden, 28th November 2019

Extenda Retail is delighted to be recognized as one of the most 100 attractive employers for young professionals in Sweden by the institute Karriärföretagen in their award “Karriärföretag 2020”.
In competition with close to 1,000 other companies, Extenda Retail is announced as one of Sweden’s 100 most interesting employers by Karriärföretagen, an institute that evaluates company employer brands and attraction indexes on the market for young professionals.
The recognition comes as Extenda Retail is just over one year old, and our team is excited for the official announcement showcasing how we offer employees opportunities for growth and experience.

Extenda Retail’s long-term strategy is to be an employer with an inspiring culture built on team spirit and partnership, where the staff’s contribution sets the foundation of the company’s success.

The motivation from Karriärföretagen’s committee;

“They contribute to an attractive workplace through its engaged staff working as one team. Extenda Retail practices excellent Employer Branding activities together with its staff. As an employee, one is guaranteed safety and a strong sense of community. Therefore, Extenda Retail is announced as one of Sweden’s Karriärföretag (career companies) 2020.”

For more information visit Karriärföretagen.

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