Stockholm, Sweden, 3rd June 2020

Extenda Retail announces a collaboration with Google Cloud to run its next generation of cloud-native retail services on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With Google’s complete catalogue of modular cloud services covering compute, storage, analytics, machine learning & AI, Extenda Retail can continue developing a comprehensive set of retail services in a fast and efficient manner.


“This collaboration with Google Cloud will allow us to move quickly in delivering our services to market”, says Extenda Retail Director of Technology, Shayne Clausson. “Google’s success running services like Search, YouTube, and Gmail at ultra-high scale is proof-positive that the platform will provide the performance demanded by our retail services.”

“Our belief is that if we try and reinvent a wheel that took us 10-15 years to build, and was designed to solve fundamental retail problems for global retailers, it will be a transformation that simply takes too long. So instead, we have decided to focus on bringing smaller, incremental, value-adding components to market faster – that can be easily integrated with the more established, existing technologies. This focus will still enable us to make supply chains less rigid, and furthermore, it will remove friction from the shopping experience”.

The cooperation between Extenda Retail and Google Cloud will add immense value: Google has dedicated innumerable hours in bringing a complete Cloud development platform to market. This consequently allows the Extenda Retail team to focus on adding value and agility to the hundreds of thousands of hours they have invested in the retail software and services domain.

Many of Extenda Retail’s customers are global retail chains, so any application that is delivered is required to have an inherent capability to offer both scale and performance. Therefore, it is vital to solve the problem of “speed to market” while still safeguarding speed in operations. Thanks to Google Cloud’s proven ability to process massive amounts of data really fast, that entire capability is now made available through their development platform to software vendors like Extenda Retail.

Extenda Retail has already delivered several applications on GCP, including solutions for Scan & Go and Customer Loyalty. With the Google platform, value-adding, incremental components can be efficiently built, and thereafter plugged in right into the Extenda Retail software, or other software vendor’s existing technology. This way, flexibility, agility and speed-to-market of a concept to store is both enhanced and improved.

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