Stockholm, Sweden, 8th September 2020

Extenda Retail today announces the release of a seamless Swish payment solution for its point of sale (POS) and self checkout (SCO) products. The solution is developed in collaboration with Crunchfish and is based on Blippit, the world’s first app terminal. Add-ons with support for Blippit and Swish are available as an easy upgrade for immediate delivery.


Extenda Retail is the Nordic region’s leading POS software supplier with installations at the largest chains in the retail and FMCG sectors. With Blippit, Extenda Retail’s POS now offers a seamless Swish payment solution, both in the traditional manned POS checkouts as well as in the self-checkout kiosks. Blippit enables a smoother checkout flow, allowing customers to check out and pay with a single “blip”, using their smartphone. To enable Blippit support, the merchant only needs a small software update with the Blippit add-on, and then just to connect the plug-and-play Blippit app terminal to a free USB port.

“As a market leader in POS and checkout solutions, we are seeing an increasing demand from our customers for contactless mobile payment solutions. Together with Crunchfish, we are now able to offer an even more seamless Swish payment solution to our customers. It will be a strong addition to our already highly competent POS and SCO solutions and fits perfectly with the focus on safe shopping that Extenda Retail and our customers have. Together with Crunchfish, we are also exploring ways to integrate Blippit in additional products of the Extenda Retail product portfolio, shortly”, says Michael Jakobsson, Partner Manager at Extenda Retail.

“It is very gratifying for us that we are now able to offer Swish payments together with Extenda Retail, a market leader with thousands of POS-installations out on the market in several of the country’s largest retail chains. With Blippit installed in Extenda Retail’s POS and SCO, merchants are now able to offer their customers frictionless Swish payments. We are really looking forward to rolling out this innovative payment solution to Extenda Retail’s customers”, says Patrik Lindeberg, Vice President Global Sales at Crunchfish.

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