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Crunchfish partnership with Extenda Retail


Extenda Retail and Crunchfish has formed a partnership around a seamless and intuitive Swish payment solution. The solution is based on integrating Crunchfish’s App-terminal “Blippit” with Extenda Retails products and standardized Swish. Blippit add-ons are available for compatible versions of Extenda Retails Point Of Sale (POS) and Self Checkout (SCO) products via a quick activation or as an easy upgrade.

Crunchfish’s Blippit is the worlds first App terminal which connects a payment app (for example Swish) on a consumers mobile phone to the Point Of Sale in a more intuitive and user friendly way, no manual entry of phone numbers or scanning of QR codes is required.

When a consumer wants to pay, they tap/blipp their phone on the Blippit-terminal which reads data from the device and forward to the POS computer which initiates the payment with the correct amount. The consumer then approves the payment on their phone as they would any other Swish payment.

In addition, Crunchfish has a patent-pending innovation for payments when both the customer and merchant are completely without connection to the payment service.

Crunchfish was founded in 2010 and has been listed on Nasdaq First North since 2016. The headquarters is in Malmö, they also have offices in Stockholm, representation in India. The company drives its businesses through two wholly-owned subsidiary companies, Crunchfish Proximity for proximity-based technology for mobile payments, and Crunchfish Gesture Interaction for gesture control for smart, AR glasses.

Watch the Crunchfish & Extenda Retail Blippit video:


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