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Offer flexibility and convenience

Entice your customers by offering a customizable shopping experience with a multitude of options.

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In-Store & Checkout – Click & Collect

Remote shopping for your customers

Our solution enables flexible shopping, with the option to either pick up in-store or receive home delivery around their own schedule. The process is streamlined to the last detail through integrations with stock levels across all channels, in addition to live stock information. 

  • Offering a proactive approach to consumer demand
  • Enables smoothly orders and customer convenience
  • Minimizes delays, confusion or lost products
  • User-friendly solution is quick and easy to implement
Click & Collect – laptop and prodcts

How Click & Collect works

When a purchase is made through Click & Collect, the system automatically assigns the order to the in-store staff for picking. Staff also receive automatic information regarding if payment has been made, or if it should be completed in-store. Once ready, the customer receives a notification that their order is either ready for pick up or for delivery.

This automation makes the process efficient for both staff and customers, as the items will be ready for pick up or delivery almost instantly after an order has been placed. The accurate and timely information prevents errors and avoids time-wasting.

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A must-have for today's retailers

Flexibility and customer convenience are more important than ever, as technological innovations have changed the way consumers want to shop. So for many of our clients, Click & Collect is no longer an add-on, but rather a prerequisite. The Click & Collect solution can be seamlessly integrated with your e-commerce, POS and checkouts to offer your customers a more comfortable shopping experience with a multitude of options.

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Exceed both your customers’ and your own expectations

Click & Collect enables retailers to smoothly and reliably fulfill orders to keep customers coming back, and this focus on customer service enables a proactive approach to consumer demand. The user-friendly solution is quick and easy to use, and the integration minimizes delays, confusion and lost products.


Automation helps staff organize and ensures that customer orders are picked in store, and ready for customers on time, every time.

Consumer choice

Today’s shoppers value flexibility, saving time and freedom enabled by Click & Collect.

Peace of mind

Retailers can be sure that the goods are in the store without worrying about any discrepancies in the store inventory.

Automatic notifications

Customers will receive notifications as soon as an order is ready for delivery or to be picked up.


Staff can enjoy a fun way of completing tasks with gamification features, measuring progress and completed Click & Collect orders.


How unified commerce generates future success

Next-generation retailers combine the physical and digital worlds to create a fluid, channel-agnostic experience where the customer is in control. Click & Collect is part of our Hii Retail Cloud Platform - a cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) built on Google Cloud, designed to pioneer unified commerce.

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