Hii Checkout

A revolutionary SaaS cloud platform

Seamless shopping journeys for all types of checkouts.

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Create frictionless, seamless and unified sales

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Unify the checkout process across channels and personalize the shopping experience to boost customer service, repeat purchases, and brand loyalty.


Faster innovation

The cloud-native platform enables you to innovate faster than ever before, and increases speed-to-market as updates can be continuously rolled out.

Retail success

Enables future retail success

Fast and seamless, our API-first approach allows you to integrate into your IT ecosystem. All delivered as a service, when you need it, where you need it.

Exceed both your customers’ and your own expectations

Today’s customers expect a more frictionless shopping experience than ever before, and those expectations are only increasing. Hii Checkout – a cloud-native, scalable SaaS (Software as a Service) POS (Point-of-Sale) solution – ensures you will thrive in today’s evolving world of digital retail.


Key features

A single cloud platform for all checkout experiences, breaking down the boundaries between physical and digital commerce through open architecture, flexible deployment and simple integrations. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), the service is subscription-based, enabling you to avoid long installation projects and software licensing.

Simplified integration

Comes with a bundle of all APIs you need to integrate with other business processes.

Built on Google Cloud

Scale globally and innovate faster! AI and machine-learning help drive automation and create new shopping experiences.

Automatic deployment

Continuous updates enable speed-to-market, and make your checkouts more flexible.

Unified commerce-in-the-cloud

The platform delivers unified pricing and promotions regardless of channels, embedded as part of a personalized shopping journey.

Hybrid operation

Enables flexibility of combining cloud and on-premise for the fastest, most flexible and robust deployment on the market.

API-first, headless checkout API

Create your own customer experience by using all or some of the Hii Checkout components, and complement them with other applications.

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Enhanced customer experience

Our Hii Retail Cloud Platform consists of a library of cloud-native, value-adding applications, created with open architecture and open APIs, enabling super-fast implementation. Create your own customer experience by using all or some of the Hii Checkout’s key components, and easily connect them with other applications.

  • Real-time, universal updates across all devices
  • Continuous deployment and upgrades
  • Real-time pricing, promotions and data

Explore the key components

Hii Checkout Engine
Hii Checkout App
Hii Checkout Hub
Hii Connect

Transacts the customers’ shopping baskets regardless of channel.

Available as a pure cloud solution for maximum flexibility, or as a cloud-hybrid where higher resilience and low latency are crucial. The Hii Checkout Engine powers unified pricing and promotions across all channels and devices, and products can be checked in or out of the cart from anywhere at any time. This enables a seamless experience for your customers and staff.

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Hardware-agnostic web app delivering the end-user experience to both your customers and staff.

Any device can become a checkout - our headless, API-first approach allows you to build your own app or use ours.

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Handles all data transfers from, and to, other systems.

The Hii Checkout Hub is an expanding library of checkout microservices and APIs, allowing you to configure your own checkouts based on what your business needs.

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Empower your customers to shop how, when and where they want.

Dedicated microservices and APIs for integrations to 3rd party complimentary / add-on applications and peripheral solutions, such as vouchers, electronic items, gift cards, mobile payments, and more.

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Alberto Tortosa

Head of PMO & Store Operations at Iberia Sports Retail Group

“We embarked on this journey to find a unified retail platform to provide us with the ability to create compelling shopping experiences for customers, regardless of how they shop, where they shop and when they shop. And at the same time, the omnichannel offer has to be fiscally compliant with trading standards in the countries in which we operate.

“It was clear to us that a deep-domain cloud-native solution would deliver the flexibility and agility we are seeking, and with our existing relationship with Google, Extenda Retail’s “Hii Retail” solution built on Google Cloud was the winning choice for our current and future needs.”


What does our SaaS model mean for your business?

Web-based software allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Delivered as a subscription-based service, you’ll avoid long installation projects and costly software licensing.

  • Web-based applications
  • Access from any device
  • Quick & easy implementation
  • Automatic updates

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