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Customer Engagement – Relevate

The Relevate Customer Loyalty solution is based on an efficient CRM tool that collects complete customer insights and data for a 360° view.

This allows you to analyze information from all touchpoints and enables sophisticated automation and personalization of marketing and offers created on the Relevate platform. Generating a rich view of the customer in real time is essential in order to understand their needs and behavior, and to stay relevant.

Generating next-level customer loyalty

Relevate is a combination of the words Relevance and Elevate – and that’s exactly what we do.

Key features

Our vision is to enable retailers to offer their customers a unique and tailored shopping experience, every day of the year.

CRM & personalization

A 360° customer allows you to deliver personalized, relevant marketing and build strong relationships with your customers. Includes standard REST & SOAP APIs, in addition to standard integrations to POS & e-com suppliers.

In-store retail experience

Offers simplified identification, facilitates a personalized customer dialogue with customer information, and in-POS display of digital receipts. Gives your staff valuable customer information to improve the shopping experience further.

Communication & marketing automation

Combines powerful technology with smart processes to enable automated email, sms, postal & push marketing: personalized content, A/B testing, communication channel optimization and feedback follow-ups.

Rewarding & campaigns

Facilitates personal offers, POS & e-com campaigns, physical checks, app offers, bar codes and bonus checks.

Customer engagement

Attract new customers through sms, registration pages, points & bonuses, surveys, stamp cards and gamification.

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Relevate – Loyalty points

Yes, it’s personal!

Relevate supports several ways of treating your customers. Personal offers at the checkout (in-store and online), automated text messages, offer discounts, and digital or physical promo codes and coupons.

By optimizing, you can be sure to reward the right customer segment, at the right time.

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