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In-Store & Checkout – Scan & Go

Enable customers to complete their shopping independently and quickly

Our Point of sale agnostic Scan & Go package is leveling up self-service shopping. With the ability to effortlessly scan items whilst walking the aisles, as well as flexible payment options (via the app or at in-store checkouts), customers have ultimate control over their shopping experience.

“It’s amazing how fast we’ve changed the customer journey. Within 3 months of the launch, 60% of our customers have moved to this app: Coop Scan & Pay, in partnership with Extenda Retail.”

Carita Weiss
Manager of Payments, Coop Sweden

A vision for the future of self-service

In 2022, Extenda Retail fortified its product offer through the acquisition of Re-Vision, a Netherlands-based company specializing in self-service technologies. This valuable addition has enriched our Scan & Go package with +15 years of hands-on experience deploying software solutions for a diverse range of retailers such as Jumbo, Kaufland, Globus, Meijer and more.

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Re-Vision Scan & Go for enterprises

Built with large retailers in mind, our solution for enterprises boosts customer loyalty and increases basket size. Features include:

  • Ability to partner with any hardware or POS vendor
  • Flexible solution that adapts to regional nuances
  • Multi-language, international roll-outs
  • Option to integrate with existing loyalty systems

Re-Vision Scan & Go for SMEs

Smaller retailers require a bespoke approach, and that’s why we created Scan & Go for SMEs. This solution liberates store employees to focus on value-added tasks whilst customers self-serve. Features include:

  • Functionality offered on customers’ own smartphone device
  • Integration into existing applications via our APIs
  • Customizable standalone application branded in your style & colors
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Key features

Learn how Scan & Go empowers both customers and staff.

Real-time updates

Keep baskets up-to-date at all times during the shopping journey.

Easy & flexible checkout 

Simple payments in app or in-store checkouts depending on personal preferences.

Interaction as a choice

Allow customers to design their own shopping experience and choose when to interact with self-service machines or staff.

Increase profitability

Increase sales by creating a smoother checkout experience for the customers.

Reduce queues

Avoid queues in the store that may occur at the checkout.

Better service

Improve the service by freeing up time for in-store staff, which enables better possibilities to interact with customers who need assistance.

Personalized offers

Integrate with existing loyalty systems to delight customers with tailored discounts and coupons.

In-store notifications

Notify customers about deals as they browse the aisles, boosting impulse buying.

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Flexible, customizable App & APIs


Cloud-Native and customizable solution

Our application offers a versatile solution that can be branded and configured for your exact needs, and it works across all your stores. The App is connected to a cloud-based checkout engine for seamless integration with your in-store checkout systems – it inherits the same price and promotion logic from your traditional POS and Self-Checkouts.

Unified commerce

Fueled by insights & data

As an alternative to the App, we offer a dedicated, public Scan & Go API that retailers can integrate and embed into their existing loyalty app.

Seamlessly integrating with our other solutions, Scan & Go enables you to verify age-restricted items (or any other items that need special attention from a cashier), monitor individual historical customer behavior data, and effortlessly re-scan in a cashier app, Self Checkout or a manned POS.

How unified commerce generates future success

Next-generation retailers combine the physical and digital worlds to create a fluid, channel-agnostic experience where the customer is in control. Scan & Go is part of our Hii Retail Cloud Platform - a cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) built on Google Cloud, designed to pioneer unified commerce.

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Empower your customers to take charge of their checkout experience.

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