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NYCE.LOGIC WMS – Workforce Planning

Efficient warehouse management requires continuous planning, follow-up and optimization

To meet these requirements, we have developed the Workforce Planning module which helps warehouse managers to forecast workload and the required workforce for upcoming periods, as well as evaluate actual productivity and costs outcome for every task.

Advanced workforce planning functionality enables you to always be one step ahead of the game.


  • Fast rollout with easy setup and implementation
  • Real-time, continuous tracking of all ongoing activities
  • Efficient management of your staff throughout the entire working cycle
  • Operational follow-up of tasks and related costs
  • Review productivity per hour, volume and related costs
  • Historical reviews of outcome, at any time

Operation areas and time tracking

First things first. We know how challenging it can be to coordinate staff and optimize their workload. With Workforce Planning, users can choose or be assigned to specific tasks automatically when logging in to the system.

By doing this, each operational area registers the active time and work hours. Depending on the user’s type of process, the system automatically detects and switches the operating area, keeping track of all the activities carried out.

Workforce Planning – staff management

Workforce Planning Form

The Planning Form plans the resources needed for each operating area and includes features such as:

  • When logging in, users can choose calculation methods that allow the system to forecast the workload for upcoming periods of time
  • Together with the calculated productivity, the Planning Form can show important insights about the needed resources for each operating area
  • The possibility of setting values manually and simulating situations virtually

The planning can be previewed in the system, exported to different formats or viewed as a report.

Workforce follow-up

The Workforce Planning module also allows you to review the outcome of historical periods. The result can either be viewed directly in the system, exported to different formats or saved as a report. It keeps various operation areas on track:

  • The actual workload and calculating amount of hours to complete tasks
  • Productivity, handling different tasks per working hours, calculating average time that processes need to be completed
  • Resource usage and costs
  • Set specific productivity targets to compare actual and expected result

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