Extenda Retail Holding 1 AB (publ.) Announces Change in Audit Service Provider for Fiscal Year 2023.

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Stockholm, Sweden, Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Extenda Retail Holding 1AB (publ.), a leading retail software provider, is pleased to announce its decision to appoint BDO Mälardalen AB(BDO) as its new audit service provider for Extenda Retail Group for the fiscal year 2023, replacing Ernst & Young (E&Y).

The decision to transition to a new audit service provider was prompted by E&Y's recent notification to move Extenda Retail's existing auditing team to larger clients, which requires a significant increase in audit hours following the new CSRD EU Directive. This was also an opportunity for Extenda Retail to undertake a competitive tender process to ensure our audit services' continued quality and efficiency. After carefully considering and evaluating various options, Extenda Retail has decided to transition from E&Y and Johan Holmberg as auditor-in-charge to BDO with Beata Lihammar as auditor-in-charge.

Extenda Retail believes that the appointment of BDO as new audit service prover will offer numerous advantages. BDO has established itself as a globally recognized auditing firm with a proven track record of delivering exceptional services to clients across various industries. Their expertise, extensive industry knowledge, and quality commitment align closely with our business requirements. The audit transition process from E&Y to BDO is expected to be smooth and seamless, with minimal disruption to Extenda Retail’s operations. Both firms will work closely to ensure a comprehensive knowledge transfer and understanding of Extenda Retail’s unique business requirements.

“Extenda Retail would like to sincerely thank Johan Holmberg, auditor-in charge, and E&Y for their support and partnership over the years. Their professionalism and dedication have been invaluable to our organization, and we wish them continued success,” says Leendert Venema, Chief Executive Officer at Extenda Retail.

About BDO

BDO is a comprehensive business partner to companies in their everyday life and on their development journey. The agency offers broad and deep knowledge in business consulting, audit, tax, and outsourcing of accounting and payroll. BDO has around twenty offices around Sweden and is part of BDO's worldwide network – one of the world's largest auditing and consulting organizations with over 100,000 employees in more than 160 countries. According to the Swedish Quality Index, BDO has the industry's most satisfied customers since 2013.


For media inquiries, please contact: Carolin Jaques, Marketing Director, Extenda Retail.
Email: carolin.jaques@extendaretail.com Phone: +46707615199 or Tony Falck, Chief
Financial Officer, Extenda Retail. Email: tony.falck@extendaretail.com

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