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Retail opens up great opportunities for self-service

Today, the consumer demand for self-service is increasing rapidly on a global scale. Today, customers can enjoy and have started to expect, self-service options to be available pre-, during- and post-purchase.

Self-service was taken to the masses decades ago when ATMs first offered it in a serious context for cash extraction. The concept is used widely in restaurants with buffet options, and online where web browsers can search efficiently themselves to obtain information, make comparisons and achieve instant results.

Retail opens up great opportunities for self-service, and consequently, it has become increasingly common, and in some cases a necessity. The question is; how can retailers make use of this maturity among us, the people, the consumers, who have a do-it-yourself attitude to using services on demand, with the satisfaction of instant response and result?

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Extenda Retail believes there are some key things that retailers should consider to successfully capture consumers’ demand for self service:

  • Self-serve to keep up with trends – What consumer trends should you focus on? To succeed, it’s vital for retailers to increase visibility in all touch points relevant to their business, and to stay on top of shopping trends. In today’s competitive landscape, omnichannel or unified commerce is no longer sufficient. Nowadays it’s all about “me-commerce”, and retailers can attract the empowered consumer by focusing on what they want – self-service. With smart devices in our hands, we are all actively embracing the role of technology in our everyday lives. Empowered customers send early signals in terms of what this means for their shopping behavior and expectations. Self-service options are all aligned with the self-centric consumer of today.
  • Explore your tech-savvy side – How do we use technology when shopping? There are many examples of how technology is changing in-store shopping behaviors. A study published this summer 2019 conducted by the National Retail Federation states that over 60% of consumers think retail technologies and innovations improve their overall shopping experience, both in-store and elsewhere. It’s safe to say that customers have embraced the retailer's investments in solutions that simplify their checkout experience. As a retailer, there are countless technologies to explore, such as the popular self-checkout, self scan, mobile scan & go solutions, in addition to other innovations like interactive mirrors and VR glasses, which consumers have not adopted yet.
  • Know what’s best for your business – What will maximize your profit and revenue in the long run? What aligns with your strategy, while simultaneously allowing you to keep up with digital transformation? The truth is, there is no longer such a thing as a digital strategy – only a strategy in a digital world. This strategy needs to be tangible, taking retailers in a favorable direction – increasing each customer’s average spend while improving customer satisfaction and shopping experience. If you want to get it right, the way to go is offering self service solutions for your customers.

Providing self service solutions such as self check outs and self scans will help you address all of the above factors. If you are in the midst of taking your next step towards developing your retail chain, self service options are a tangible and effective way to achieve results. By seeing increased in-store efficiency, both staff and customers will feel more satisfied.

It’s an easy win for retailers to take advantage of consumers readiness for self service, by offering and meeting consumers demands of user friendly, intuitive and time-saving shopping solutions.

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