The NYCE.LOGIC Warehouse Management System, part of Extenda Retail, announces partnership with Simac-PHIDATA, a leading IT services company headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.


Waardenburg, Netherlands, 22 June 2023.

The NYCE.LOGIC Warehouse Management System, part of Extenda Retail and a WMS leader in the Nordics, announces partnership with Simac-PHIDATA – a leading Dutch IT services company – to deliver outstanding services together.

NYCE.LOGIC initiated a strategy to grow outside of the Nordic countries, all across Europe. Its strength in both B2B and B2C physical logistics through a single WMS application has seen exponential growth in the business. Since the launch of the strategy in 2021, NYCE.LOGIC has continued to acquire new logos in both 3PL and Retail verticals.

“Having analyzed the landscape, we believe that the market for both 3PL and Retail physical logistics is under-served for a leading WMS-alternative in the Benelux”, says Peter Johansson, Head of Business at NYCE.LOGIC.

The high volume of sea and air freight routed through the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam requires high levels of optimization, scalability, and reliability from a WMS software partner.

“In addition to acquiring a company in the Netherlands to strengthen our presence, we have partnered with Simac-PHIDATA to provide both 3PLs and Retailers the opportunity to take advantage of a full-service offering that includes class-leading software applications, infrastructure, support and application management”, Johansson summarizes.

The new partnership will provide businesses with a 1+1=3 value proposition where a complementary, proven, industry-leading partnership delivers the highest value in the shortest time and least risk.

Cooperating with NYCE.LOGIC is only logical for Simac-PHIDATA NL director Akko van Wijk: "Both NYCE.LOGIC and Simac-PHIDATA have a lot of experience in the sectors we target, like retail, transport and logistics. By joining forces we can offer a total solution including best of class printing, scanning and mobility solutions. With our unique managed services approach we will add relevant value to each project."

About Simac

Founded in 1971, Simac is a socially committed, family business primarily active in the Benelux and central Europe. Simac supports both large and medium-sized organizations in deploying IT and technology to improve business processes. In total, Simac employs more than 1,300 people in branches located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

About Simac-PHIDATA

As an independent developer and integrator of Smart Edge solutions, we always offer customers the most optimal solutions. In doing so, we use numerous new and innovative technologies in the areas of automatic identification, localization and IoT (Internet of Things).
To support our more than 2,000 regular customers, we can count on a team of about 45 driven and multidisciplinary employees. In addition, we call on an extensive network of technology partners to always guarantee the best total solution.


The NYCE.LOGIC WMS is developed alongside new trends and technological innovations, as its
team of experts works closely alongside automation partners and clients. The best-of-breed
WMS is scalable, which means that it ‘grows’ together with customers, either if they implement
new systems such as robotics, or when their order volumes increase.
NYCE.LOGIC has a hands-on, long-term approach when working together with customers. This
unique setup allows customers to influence the product, and build long-term partnerships
(NYCE.LOGIC proudly has ongoing partnerships since 1998). The combination of a scalable
solution, long-term partnerships and the customers’ ability to influence the product roadmap, is
where NYCE.LOGIC really excels.

For more information please contact:


Carolin Jaques

Marketing Director, Extenda Retail



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