NYCE.LOGIC is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Royal Talens, a renowned Dutch company specialising in the production and marketing of fine art materials.


Stockholm/Apeldoorn, Feb 6, 2024

NYCE.LOGIC, a leading provider of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Royal Talens, a renowned Dutch company specialising in the production and marketing of fine art materials. Royal Talens has chosen NYCE.LOGIC as its partner for the WMS implementation in its warehouses located in Switzerland, the United States, and Italy.

"When we started the evaluation process it was clear that we needed a system that we can maintain and adapt ourselves as much as possible. This makes us flexible and enables us to meet the ever-changing and more demanding requirements of our customers. NYCE.LOGIC met all of those demands and was a perfect fit for our business" says Vincent Danckaarts, Physical Distribution Manager at Royal Talens.

Embracing a global Warehouse Management System (WMS) not only ensures cost efficiency for Royal Talens but also unlocks new integration advantages across the entire supply chain. Moreover, it facilitates benchmarking of all warehouses, process enhancements, and collaborative implementation of best practices.

“We're delighted to announce our partnership with Royal Talens in the Netherlands. The cultural alignment and shared commitment to excellence make this collaboration a perfect fit. Our multisite warehouses seamlessly integrate, enhancing operational efficiency. We're excited about the mutual dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Royal Talens choosing NYCE.LOGIC as their partner underscores our confidence in delivering exceptional value together.” states, Peter Johansson, Head of Business at NYCE.LOGIC.

About Royal Talens

Royal Talens produces artist’s paint and supplies a wide range of creative materials. Established in 1899, the company has become a leading player in the global fine art market, featuring renowned brands such as Bruynzeel, Sakura, Talens, Ecoline, Talens | Pantone, Amsterdam, Rembrandt, Cobra and Van Gogh. Royal Talens aspires to make the world more beautiful. We do so by producing our high-quality artist’s paint in the most intense colours for artists all over the world to use to create their inspirational art. But we also conduct business responsibly, now and in the future. Creative expression is a great asset; a passion to share and to develop further. For more information on Royal Talens and the products we offer, visit;


NYCE.LOGIC best-of-breed WMS is scalable, which means that it ‘grows’ together with customers, either if they implement new systems such as robotics, or when their order volumes increase. NYCE.LOGIC has a hands-on, long-term approach when working together with customers. This unique setup allows customers to influence the product, and build long-term partnerships (NYCE.LOGIC proudly has had ongoing partnerships since 1998). The combination of a scalable solution, long-term partnerships and the customers’ ability to influence the product roadmap, is where NYCE.LOGIC really excels.

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Carolin Jaques

Marketing Director, Extenda Retail



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