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Take advantage of our retail experts to run your business smarter and more profitable.

Make Extenda Retail your one stop shop for all your retail needs.

We offer value-added services to our customers throughout the life cycle of a system platform – from procurement and pilot studies to implementation and management.

Application Management

We provide application management with a wide range of services that guarantee quality and safe operation of business critical systems. We take responsibility for all your retail solutions.

Training and Documentation

Your employees are your most important assets. Give your employees the best conditions for doing a great job. We have extensive experience in retail and know that the quality of training and routines generates confident and motivated employees.

Project Management

Extenda Retail has 30+ years of experience in delivering business critical projects, ranging from minor enhancements to enterprise-scale, global deployments. To ensure stable, efficient and high-quality solutions delivery, Extenda Retail combines a proven IT industry delivery model with an agile approach, adding unique elements to reflect the real-world contexts when serving our retail customers.

Retail experts

Our retail experts have extensive experience in store data. Apart from being experts in the technical solutions, we have knowledge of retailers’ needs and demands. We put together a team where you can be sure that requirements are met and needs are met. Among other things, we can help you with masterdata, category and procurement, price and product range, sales and logistics, reporting, information management, integrations and optimization of work processes.

Application Maintenance

Extenda Retail’s application maintenance team contributes to resolve any issue as well as software updates according to agreed service levels.

Catalogue Services

To formalise best practices, and to streamline day-to-day IT operations, Extenda Retail has developed a catalogue of predefined, packaged services. These services address retailers’ recurring needs and simplify the ordering process.

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