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Hii Retail – High-Intensity-Intelligent Retail Solutions for life in the fast lane

Today, shoppers are better informed, have more choice than ever and expect high availability & service – for the lowest possible price points. In general, people are also more tech-savvy and more impatient. With these ever-changing customer expectation, it is vital for retailers to utilise the store as an asset, and merge it with technology efficiently. New retail concepts which are introduced are required to go from planning to executing in days rather than weeks.

To inherently support these resource-hungry requirements in global retail, while allowing new technology to be deployed “as-a-service”, we have developed “Hii Retail” = High Intensity Intelligent Retail. Together with the Google Cloud Platform, our Hii Retail platform offers a complete development & deployment environment with a sharp focus on retail.

Traditional retail supply chain assets can be a huge source of differentiation. In the current landscape, retailers that find ways to innovate, and bring that innovation to market faster, become successful. Traditional retail technology was designed for scale, reliability and performance. Our concept is to build on, and not replace efficient and reliable core systems that are already in place. With the Hii Retail Cloud Solutions, we have the ability to quickly and efficiently build components that are designed to extend these core systems. This is why we have selected Google’s Cloud Platform as our platform of choice. Solutions include our Scan & Go, Click & Collect, Attendant App, Item Recognition and Shopping List, which are all created with open architecture and open APIs, and enable super-fast implementation. 

Through the Google Cloud Platform, we are able to build cloud-based, API-first, value-adding, incremental components in a fast and effective manner, which can plug into our own or other software vendor’s existing technology. Consequently, this enhances flexibility, agility and the speed-to-market of a concept to a store. 

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We recently hosted a Webinar about Hii Retail Cloud Solutions with Google. Follow the link to view the Webinar, and learn more about Cloud Retail.

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Some of the capabilities currently available to retailers: 

Our new Scan & Go solution makes it possible for the consumers to use their own mobile phone as a self-scanning device in the store. Furthermore, it facilitates payments via the app, either via card or another electronic payment option such as Swish or Vipps. In this frictionless experience, the customer is no longer required to move the basket to a self checkout or a POS for the payment – however the option is still available if the customer requests that, for example if they want to pay with cash.

Frictionless flexibility is enabled through our Transaction Engine, while the shopping basket for the Scan & Go solution resides in the cloud. This perfectly illustrates our Hii Retail solutions, which are all seamlessly integrated with retail operations equipment, such as the tills in each store etcetera. 

The Scan & Go is a perfect way of “being there”, by meeting the consumer outside the store. If our Scan & Go solution is integrated with a loyalty app such as our Relevate app, or a shopping list service, we enable consumers to start their shopping journey outside of the store. By providing shopping opportunities independent of time or location, a seamless and frictionless shopping experience is created. 

Other functions such as Item Recognition via Cloud can easily be integrated into our own POS’s, yet these features are always designed with an open framework. Thanks to our open design, retailers that are running other software providers’ retail technology can take advantage of Extenda Retail’s functionality in the same way.

Another capability built on Google’s Cloud Platform is the Extenda Retail Customer Engagement Solution. The Relevate Loyalty app was a natural next step when combining our knowledge of software development, data and customer interaction. Our Loyalty & Customer engagement platform Relevate enhances the app, and enables advanced personalisation and interactivity. Using Google’s services when developing our Customer Engagement Solutions have enabled us to focus on retail code, while bringing the best solutions together with a reduced time to market.

View our company presentation and product portfolio and learn about our offering:

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