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Boost productivity, increase customer satisfaction and create frictionless shopping experiences

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Today, customers want to complete their shopping independently and quickly. The Extenda Retail Scan & Go App has been developed as a secure and manageable self-service alternative to self checkouts. It enables customers to scan their items directly on their device while walking the aisles, and allows them to pay through the app itself, or at your in-store checkout stations. 

The Scan & Go comes as a generic white-labeled app that can be branded and configured for your exact needs, and it works across all your stores. The App is connected to a cloud-based transaction engine for seamless integration with your in-store checkout systems – it inherits the same price and promotion logic from your traditional POS and Self Checkouts. 

As an alternative to implementing the App, we also offer a dedicated and public Scan & Go API that retailers can integrate and embed into their existing loyalty app.

With the Scan & Go solution you can truly offer your customers a way to shop independently and efficiently, while simultaneously reducing the need for interaction with cashiers or in-store checkouts. Consumers can enjoy a frictionless shopping experience with the knowledge that queues at the checkout are a thing of the past.

In line with Self Scan, our Scan & Go App has been developed with an intelligent system that tracks individual customer behaviour historically, in real-time and with a random factor. The system promotes good behaviour and is thoroughly established. Re-scanning can be completed in a cashier app, in a Self Checkout or in a manned POS.

Thanks to our Scan & Go solution being seamlessly integrated with our other solutions, it also enables you to verify age-restricted items or any other items that need special attention from a cashier before the customer exits the store.

Start your journey today; Boost productivity, increase customer satisfaction and and create frictionless shopping experiences for your customers. 

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Key features:

For consumers:

  • Real-time updates – Keeps basket up-to-date at all times during the shopping journey
  • Easy & flexible checkout – Simple payments in app or in-store checkouts depending on personal preferences
  • Less interaction – Removes the need for interaction with or in-store checkouts
  • Avoid queues – Skip queues in the store that might occur in the checkout area

For retailers:

  • Reduce queues – Removes queues to the in-store checkouts by enabling customers
  • Increase profitability – Increase sales by creating a smoother checkout experience for the customers 
  • Better service – Improve the service by freeing up time for in-store staff, which enables better possibilities to interact with customers who need assistance

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