Use CRM and Business Intelligence solutions for increased customer loyalty. Make sure to personalize your communication, provide relevant offers and reach the customer in the correct channel.

Visma has entered into an agreement with US private equity firm STG to divest its retail software units. Extenda Retail is a result of the merger between previously Visma Retail and Extenda. From October 1st, 2018 Visma Retail and Extenda goes under the name Extenda Retail.

Retail growth through customer loyalty

In an increasingly competitive industry solid customer relations are vital. Customer loyalty is a business critical area, crucial for growth. For over for over 30 years our retail products have been tailored to develop and increase customer loyalty.

With standard integrations for anything from retail ERP to WMS solutions, software follows the customer through the entire value chain. We know that true customer loyalty is achieved through synergies between components such as CRM, customer insight, analysis, digital marketing and personalized communication. With the right solution for customer loyalty and insights you will streamline and simplify your operations internally. Customers will experience relevant and personal communication, regardless of time, place and channel.

Smooth sailing with the correct customer data

  • Your marketing department can easily personalize offers and communicate the right messages at the right time in the right channel.
  • Your purchasing department benefits from comprehensive analysis and insights.
  • In-store staff can access the customer’s personal offers and purchase history in order to tailor and optimize the customer experience.
  • The customer’s personal communication and offers are always synchronized with your e-commerce solution.
  • The operations of your customer service teams are facilitated and streamlined as the staff gain access to customer history and previous communication.

Experts on customer loyalty, customer insight, and personalization
Our consultants have extensive experience in analysis, strategy and implementation within CRM and loyalty. We can help you with everything from evaluating your current situation, the implementation of a new solution and ongoing development.

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