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Warehouse Automation

Combining your WMS and Automation facilitates both top quality and efficiency when managing your warehouse. NYCE.LOGIC WMS has integration and management abilities with many of the market’s best solutions for Warehouse Automation.

Warehouse automation and Vertical Storage Lifts

Vertical Storage Lifts

The Warehouse Automation module has been designed in a user-friendly, intuitive fashion to ensure that efficiency is improved to the max. As a module to NYCE.LOGIC WMS, there are solutions for vertical storage lifts and picking tray systems. The integration is delivered as a complete system, which means that the Automation module can be implemented using the same business logistics that you use in the rest of your warehouse, such as fill optimisation, frequency or zone management

The NYCE.LOGIC WMS Automation module comes with a web- and touch-based interface, which enables a simple and smooth user experience for staff, regardless if they work with vertical storage lifts, by a tablet or at a working station in your warehouse.

Our WMS has complete integrations with several solutions such as Jungheinrich, Kardex Remstar, Constructor and Weland, and we have built the solution with the capability to facilitate integrations with any other solutions smoothly and efficiently.

  • Pick by / Put to Light

NYCE.LOGIC works with Pick by & Put to Light, a Warehouse Automation system which works with LEDs, helping to show the specific location where a product should be picked or dropped off. 

This way, your staff obtains straightforward, detailed information about where, when and how a task should be completed, and how to prioritise individual tasks. This consequently decreases search time, improves efficiency and minimises the learning period. Tasks are confirmed with a simple button-click on your device, which facilitates real-time updates on stock numbers and warehouse tasks. 

  • Control system WMS

NYCE.LOGIC WMS can be integrated to control and manage tools such as conveyor belts, scales and scanners.

Having one system which manages both the manual warehouse tasks and the automation results in a simplified and streamlined process. Furthermore, it significantly improves staff satisfaction, as employees only have to learn one system to effectively complete assignments. 

  • Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) 

Our NYCE.LOGIC WMS Automation module has the capability to manage automated trucks moving goods in your warehouse by using lasers or coordinates (AGVs). This is an efficient tool which increases the overall capacity of your warehouse production. Since the AGVs manage themselves, they can work 24/7 to complete tasks such as moving and arranging items in your warehouse.

Our Integrations:

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