Recipe management and retail ERP solutions for modern pharmacies, including online sales of prescription drugs, purchasing planning, campaign management, and price management.

Visma has entered into an agreement with US private equity firm STG to divest its retail software units. Extenda Retail is a result of the merger between previously Visma Retail and Extenda. From October 1st, 2018 Visma Retail and Extenda goes under the name Extenda Retail.

Digitize your pharmacy with innovative software

The pharmaceutical market is highly competitive and requires an efficient and digitized pharmacy business in order to be successful and create growth.

We have been at the cutting edge of software solutions in the Nordic pharmaceutical market since 2009. Our solutions are designed with patient safety at the core, while also streamlining workflows and optimizing profits for our pharmacy clients, who operate in a fiercely competitive industry with commonly low margins.

To increase the profitability of your pharmacy business you need to take control of the entire value chain, including efficient stock management, price and order management, and parallel imports. Smart use of the right technology is a major competitive advantage and requires a competent and reliable supplier.

Extenda Retail will transform your pharmacy
We offer a modern platform with open architecture and modules that fit a demanding pharmaceutical market prone to rapid regulatory and competitive changes.

Our solutions for pharmacies offer features such as prescription handling, product management, advice functionality (an intelligent system that can suggest corresponding drugs and find equivalent products when out of stock) and regulatory reporting. The solutions also include other retail-optimized features such as order management, campaign management, and inventory management.

Our solutions for pharmacies aim to streamline prescription handling, automate regulatory reporting and ensure maximum patient safety. The groundbreaking solution for e-commerce enables ordering, handling, purchase, and subscription to prescription drugs online via smartphones, tablets or computers.

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