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The Extenda Retail Point Of Sale (POS) is a rich and hardware-independent solution with full offline capabilities.

Our POS and checkout software is the result of almost 40 years of experience, and all of our expertise has been utilised in this industry-leading product. The Extenda Retail POS is released as an industrial-grade standard versioned software, yet allows for adaptations based on your business’ needs. 

The Point Of Sale System can be customised to create the best possible customer and staff experience, through our highly configurable and modular POS and checkout standard interfaces. These are ideal for integration to external systems and adaptations of functionality.

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Key features:

  • Intuitive user interface – Our POS provides rich functionality, including streamlining for fast checkout, scan-anything-anytime, in addition to pre-scan, allowing you to start, stop and relaunch the checkout process for multiple customers simultaneously 
  • Hardware-agnostic – The software enables POS applications to run on any preferred hardware  on Windows, Linux, Android etcetera
  • Full offline support – The industrial solution has full offline support down to each individual POS and checkout, allowing peace of mind and 24/7 running-time without disruption or technical issues
  • Same business rules in all checkout channels – Our software enables you to use the same business flow and rules across all checkouts including self-checkout, self-scan or e-commerce through the Extenda Retail Transaction Engine. Through the software, a retail business can follow the same principles, for instance all promotions and returns can work identically and in real-time in self checkout, mobile checkout, POS checkout and e-commerce
  • Powerful Transaction Engine – The Extenda Retail Transaction Engine is at the core of all our checkout solutions. It is designed for use across different sales channels and customer touch points simultaneously. This enables retailers to reuse functionality and get a unified, seamless customer experience across all sales channels.  Also, it enables retailers to change a rule or setting in one place to get an immediate result across all channels. Our Transaction Engine is also available as an API for use in new touch points and channels like e-commerce
  • Share transactions through Transaction Engine – Through our solution, sales transactions can be shared and moved across different channels. Our tool is exposed through a standard interface to enable quick development of new touch points, and makes it possible to reuse the business logic on your e-commerce site

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Designed for retail business with tailored must-have retail features

Today’s consumers expect a shopping experience on their terms, and staff require a smooth working process to execute their work efficiently. Retailers who have a strong focus on the user, service and the customer wins in the battle for the market.

Our Point of Sale is standardised yet customisable: 

  • Device agnostic Desktop and Mobile POS
  • Self-service POS for customers
  • Country modules
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, Android

Through an innovative and modern POS solution, the shopping experience improves, contributing to more satisfied customers, more efficient working methods and increased results. Smart use of modern technology and check-out solutions will enhance the shopping experience offering consumers convenience and unparalleled checkout speed, which in turn makes customers more loyal.

The Extenda Retail Transaction Engine is designed for use across different sales channels and consumer touch points. The solution uses the same underlying transaction engine in all sales channels and consumer touch points. This allows you as a retailer to re-use functionality and thereby get a unified and seamless consumer experience at all touch points. Sales transactions can also be shared and moved across sales channels. Transaction engine is exposed through a standard interface to enable quick development of new touch points and makes it possible to reuse the business logic on your e-commerce site.

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