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Optimise the heart of your retail chain

From our extensive experience in the industry, we believe each store is the true heart of every retail chain. That’s why we work so hard to optimise the in-store experience for both customers and staff with our innovative and retail tailored tools.

All our POS (point of sale) and in-store solutions are flexible, interactive and with strong third party integrations. We have a broad selection of products including customisable POS, mobile POS, various self-service solutions and tools for store management. This way, the shopping experience can be tailored to specific factors such as customer flow and staffing.

With powerful integrations, strong reliable solutions and a modern interface, the shopping experience becomes smoother and more enjoyable.

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Key features:

  • Country modules
    Ensures compliance and localisation support for more than 35 markets
  • Checkout of your choice
    We provide checkouts in a wide range of formats
  • Add-ons
    Broad catalogue of Add-on components
  • Easily scalable
    Everything from convenience stores and boutiques to hypermarkets
  • Broad category support
    Tailored functionality to fashion, grocery, specialised trade and pharmacy
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More functions:

  • Omni delivery – Allows consumers to choose between home delivery or in-store pickup, regardless if items are purchased online or in-store
  • E-commerce – Integration solution based on a transaction engine facilitating an Omni-environment
  • Actionable Insights – Allows store managers to optimize store operations through real-time big data
  • Transaction engine – All transactions are processed in the Extenda Transaction Engine

Our POS & In-store products cover:


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Mobile POS

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Self checkout

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Attendant tablet

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Mobile Access

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