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Set up and run cross-channel campaigns in no time

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Success in today’s retail environment requires managing an increasing combination of business challenges. Your capacity to do this efficiently is what drives your growth. In a time where digitalisation and cross-channel operations are key, we have identified a number of requirements needed to get ahead of the game. To help retailers succeed in meeting new challenges and opportunities, we have pin-pointed the essential factors required to successfully manage campaigns.

Extenda Retail’s Campaign Management is a streamlined, intelligent campaign solution, tailored for retailers to simplify the way successful campaigns are managed in order to boost sales. The solution can run as a separate module or be integrated with independent point-of-sale solutions.

The solution will help you cut long lead times and tackle several sources of data by consolidating sources to a single point of data. With consistent and consolidated data across your organisation, you will be able to run more successful campaigns than ever before.

The Campaign Management makes it easy to plan, automate, execute and measure relevant campaigns, which helps you focus on your core business. 

This module can be combined with other Extenda Retail modules such as PIM, Product Data Management, Warehouse Management, Retail BI and countless other smart modules.

Key features:

  • Combination discounts Combination discounts are characterised by having one or more requirements to have be fulfilled for qualification of a benefit. Our solution enables you to register new combination discounts with a name, description, and receipt text. Furthermore, you can easily create combination discounts by combining one or more requirements with one or more benefits
  • Purchase price discounts – Option to select alternatives to be included in the campaign, the default ordering alternative is automatically selected when adding an article to the campaign. Ability to add new campaign price with the option to override the price on one or more stores if the campaign is conducted at several locations. Support for setting the campaign price as mandatory or voluntary
  • Personalisation – Integrate a loyalty/personalisation solution and manage loyalty points, run campaigns and look after everything you need to cover when running a loyalty/reward club. All sales prices and discount combination campaigns are integrated.

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  • Sales price discounts – Option to select articles to be included in the campaign
    New campaign price can also be set manually or by using advanced tools to calculate new campaign price
    Display of new and changed gross profit
    Support for overriding campaign price on one or more stores
    Support for setting the campaign price as mandatory or voluntary
  • Customer connections – Campaigns are normally valid for all customers but may be restricted to one or more customer groups or one or more customers
  • Pricing – The campaign management module provides functionality that allows chains and stores to operate with advanced sales pricing (such as campaigns, mix & match combination pricing, as well as campaign sales commissions and store benefits defined by headquarters). The module supports extra price lists, combination prices, sales commissions and extra margin enhancement.
  • Depot / Store connections – Campaigns may be valid for all depots and stores, one or more stores or a group of stores based on the store groups given in the store module

Use Campaign Management and accelerate success

The Campaign Management is fully integrated, and enables you to achieve more with less. Everything is developed so that all you need to create and manage campaigns are consolidated. Furthermore, the system is easy and automated, which reduces long lead times in your campaign processes. The secure and easy-to-use solution helps you set up and run cross-channel campaigns in no time to boost sales quickly.

With the Extenda Retail Campaign Management, you can let data drive your strategy to boost sales. Centralised campaign data ensures consistency, and removes the risk of having to use several sources of data when working with campaigns.

Furthermore, you will increase engagement both in-store online, by getting personal and deliver on your customer’s expectations.

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