Fresh Food Management

Transforming your in-store fresh food operations.

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Optimise your fresh food operations to drive sales, improve freshness and reduce waste.

Fresh food management is complex and rapidly changing. We know that your customers want to buy fresh food at their convenience and retailers want to manage the fresh food and in-store food production efficiently. Many retailers still lack sufficient IT system support to comply with the ever-increasing legislative requirements related to fresh food operations and customer expectations of a wide choice of quality products. Indeed, our customers are now seeing how delivering quality products often matters more than price.

Our Fresh Food Management lets you optimise and keep track of your fresh food and in-store food production. The solution provides accurate product information on labels and meets legislation requirements on fresh food handling. It allows for full traceability from raw material suppliers to finished goods, including food manufacturing, handling and reporting.

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Extenda Retail’s Fresh Food Management will help you:

  • Improve on-shelf availability
  • Reduce excess shrink
  • Optimise freshness and assortment
  • Drive customer loyalty by keeping the right amount of fresh food available and ensuring high quality
  • Gain operational control of fresh inventory in-store
  • Order the right product at the right time and in the right quantity
  • Increase sales and profits


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Our Fresh Food Management Solution drives sales and increases profits by:


Enabling full traceability

Optimising on-shelf freshness

Increasing operational efficiency

Utilising a data-driven approach


How to capitalise
on the increasing demand
for fresh food

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