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A good Inventory Management system is crucial for retailers, due to the risks and costs involved in holding inventory. The Extenda Retail Inventory Management solution enables you to get an overview of your inventory, and helps you manage stock levels in real-time down to each individual store. 

The Extenda Retail Inventory Management solution provides a centralised, real-time inventory overview and control down to the store level. The module stores and handles all data centrally, and supports all major processes in one solution – regardless of chain level (headquarters, store group or store). Through the Extenda Retail solution, retailers can improve their cash flow by saving on storage costs, and by avoiding spoilage and dead stock.

The solution provides process-support for handling and managing all in-store inventory transactions. This way, retailers can get an updated status of stock per store and article in a centralised solution, that in turn enables efficient operations of the retail chain.

Our Retail Inventory Management enables real-time review of POS sales, checkout transactions and payment processes, stock counts, stock corrections and stock transfers between stores in user-friendly and mobile solutions. Furthermore, the solution facilitates stock amount analysis, values and transactions, and store allocations management.  

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Key features:

  • Enables informed decisions – Saves money by balancing inventory needs. Enables corrects order suggestions based on updated inventory figures
  • Lets data drive – Eliminates duplicate data entry by integration. Comprehensive features to analyse data, spot trends in sales and supply chain


  • Faster and smoother inventory processing – We let you speed up your inventory processes
  • Facilitates smart working – Our solution helps retailers to keep track of inventory with different units of measure, suppliers, regulations and tax rates

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More functions include: 

Live sales and return transaction processing from POS and e-commerce, stock counting, goods received, stock adjustments, store transfers, stock valuation and inventory levels-review based on weighted average on net-purchase price, slow moving goods, reports etcetera. 

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