Poster Label Design & Print

Manage and automate price changes and campaigns with frictionless software

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Manage and automate price changes and campaigns with an easy-to-use feature that lets you produce, design and print posters & labels.

Poster & Labels is a business critical and essential sales tool for retailers. Fierce price competition, frequent price changes and inefficient IT-solutions is a challenge for many retail businesses in today’s landscape. Master data and pricing solutions are often separated from the poster & label design process, and retailers often operate processes manually – which is both time consuming and cause heavy administrative workload. 

To solve these challenges, we have designed a the Poster Label Design & Print solution that streamlines and simplifies the way you manage posters and labels.

The solution enables automatic printing and label processes where you simply update prices and new information, and the solution runs all updates automatically. It can be easily integrated with electronic shelf labels (ESL) and digital communication in the store. 

We make it fast and easy to run in-store campaigns, as you will be able to design, print and update labels from the store – saving time and increasing flexibility. Furthermore, the Poster Label Design & Print solution enables you to design and produce beautiful, sales-driven posters & labels with easy-to-use design features. 

The solution has been designed to support retail chains, store groups and franchise stores. It is built on next-generation technology and can run as a stand-alone module in the cloud or on-premise. With open APIs, the software can easily integrate with any third party POS or ERP system.

The Poster Label Design & Print solution lets users connect through a web client for printing, and central users will access a rich windows client for the design and master data management.

Key features:

  • Enables real-time accurate article pricing – Maintain accuracy at article price across POS stations, shelf labels and a campaign posters
  • Consistent and easy data – Allows you to ensure data is consistent, easily monitored and in line with legislation
  • Electronic shelf labels integration – Enables integration with electronic shelf labels (ESL) and digital communication in the store. For example, PDF’s can be used in digital signage displays etc
  • Enables frequent updates & combinations – Helps you manage frequent price updates in various combinations, which opens up for flexibility in your in-store operations
  • Fast and efficient – Set up, design and print label & prints on the go
  • Design & printing support – Enables design and printing of labels, bar codes and posters, with rich media content and dynamic article and price attributes
  • Configuration for new-prints trigger messages – This module can be configured to trigger new prints (or export to external ESL/display) based on changes of any of the defined fields for article or price information. Furthermore, it enables printing of historical changes
  • Flexible access control – The module has an advanced role-based authentication and permission control, to enable store managers, department managers and staff to use various permissions and access
  • Suitable for chains, independent stores, integrated chains & franchise retailers – The roles can have access to all stores, a store group or a single group. Flexible and designed around retail requirements 

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