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The Extenda Retail Product Information Management (PIM) solution forms the foundation for everything in retail back office and ERP. It enables you to optimise your omnichannel retail chain through proper article data handling, pricing and assortment decisions.

If retailers run their retail chain with a high degree of duplicated, inconsistent, fragmented or incorrect article and pricing data, it can seriously damage their business. The Extenda Retail PIM solution minimises this risk by ensuring unified article master data, with the flexibility for local adjustments and the possibility to extend on demand. 

Our PIM provides rich functionality for HQ, E-commerce and physical stores though a centralised and modern solution. It is flexible and fast, and enables users to add fields as needed, without requiring customisation. The solution can either enrich article data from an external ERP, or act as the master for other systems in a best of breed environment.

Key features: 

  • Centralised Data – One centralised set of article master data enabling proper reporting and smooth running of store operations, in addition to accurate information throughout your retail chain
  • Role-based Security – Ensures that users can only view and edit data according to their role and only for stores or store groups that they have access to
  • Inheritance & Store Override – Enables local overrides of purchase and sales prices, assortment, and certain article information according to policy set at HQ per article to ensure local compliance


  • Extendability – Facilitates retailers to extend article-related information with needed fields that can be used in search, filtering, import & export to third party applications as well as reporting and customised usage
  • Easy Integration – Modern architecture with REST APIs and documented XSD interfaces enable easy integration with other systems
  • 100% Retail Functionality – Proven functionality built upon decades of retail experience have been incorporated to meet your functional needs in a user friendly UI

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  • Article Management – Unified and extendable article registry across the whole business with the functionality you need to ensure high quality data
  • Assortment Management – Ensures that your assortment strategy is set up and executed to across all stores and channels while providing local flexibility
  • Price Management – Manage non-promotional sales prices and margin control across all stores while providing desired local flexibility


  • PIM – Enrich your article information with images, links and other information to enable cross channel article information and E-Commerce
  • Article Application – Enables stores to apply for new articles not found in the assortment while ensuring tight central control process of new articles
  • Wholesale Article – Powerful capabilities for chains that run a combined wholesale and store operations that enables both to operate in a seamless fashion

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