Purchasing & Automatic Replenishment

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One of the basics of retail is to ensure that you have the product that the customer wants in your store when they are ready to complete a purchase.

With the Extenda Retail Purchasing & Automatic Replenishment solution, you can centrally manage, automate and streamline your store replenishment and store order review processes. 

The proven Purchasing & Automatic Replenishment functionality is built upon decades of retail experience, and has been incorporated to meet your functional needs in a user friendly user interface. 

The Purchasing & Automatic Replenishment solution enables you to automatically identify your purchasing needs, based on demand forecast, updated inventory levels and stock policy. Identified purchasing needs trigger purchase orders that are reviewed and approved, in a collaborative and transparent way between HQ and stores.

Furthermore, the system allows you to communicate purchase orders, order confirmations and delivery notes electronically with suppliers to enable a responsive and speedy supply chain.

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Key features:

  • Automate the replenishment schedule for different selections of articles or suppliers and which stores to include in the schedule
  • Automatic replenishment calculations based on your demand forecast, real time inventory, customer orders, min-max levels and other relevant input 
  • Support for common orders for multiple stores with sub-orders per store 
  • Effective real-time collaboration between central buyers and stores to ensure the right
  • Manually create orders and run order suggestions when needed
  • Stores can simply focus on which articles to replenish – the execution is handled by the system
  • Electronic integration of purchase orders and order response with suppliers
  • Stores have full and easy visibility into expected future deliveries schedule and can plan accordingly

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