Optimize your supply chain, improve inventory and take full control of your value chain with our market leading Warehouse Management System.

Visma has entered into an agreement with US private equity firm STG to divest its retail software units. Extenda Retail is a result of the merger between previously Visma Retail and Extenda. From October 1st, 2018 Visma Retail and Extenda goes under the name Extenda Retail.

WMS for retailers with business-critical logistics

Our WMS is industry-leading, user-friendly and easy to integrate.

A good ERP solution will not be able to lift your entire supply chain by itself, you also need to optimize the processes in the warehouse. Our WMS is designed to provide full mobility and flexibility. The system works with both mobile devices, Pick By Voice and automation solutions.

With over 20 years in the logistics industry, our Warehouse Management System has been developed with our unique experience and innovation. The system has a broad and deep standard functionality and is built to be configured according to inventory flow, both in scale and complexity.

The system is based on the latest Microsoft Technologies and is well-equipped to integrate with leading ERP solutions in the European market, including our own Retail ERP solution. Our WMS is scalable and used by companies with a few hundred to tens of thousands of daily orders.

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