Retail WMS

A Warehouse Management System perfect for large retail chains.

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Optimise your warehouse, improve inventory and take full control of your value chain.

Save time, resources and move from maintaining to developing with a flexible Warehouse Management System. The solution is delivered by NYCE.LOGIC, a WMS company in Extenda Retail who developed an innovative Warehouse Management System for companies with business-critical logistics. The system is based on the latest Microsoft Technologies and is well equipped to integrate with the leading ERP systems on the European market.

Our retail WMS has wide and deep standard functionality and is built to be configured according to your warehouse flows, both in scale and complexity. It is a standard product with an extensive library of functions and settings making it highly customisable – without additional development and cost. Extenda WMS increase efficiency and drive down costs by optimising workflows and processes.  

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Key features of our retail WMS:

Powerful tools

Great processes won’t elevate your supply chain on its own, you need the right tools. Extenda WMS is designed to work with mobile units, Pick By Voice and automation solutions.

Outstanding UX

With a user-friendly system, operations become simple. Rotating staff or new hires are productive within minutes rather than days and can produce with quality.


Is your business growing fast or do you have greatly varying seasons? Our retail WMS solution is used by omnichannel companies with a few hundred to tens of thousands of daily orders.

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Built and designed by logistics professionals

  • Mobile interfaces for tablets, PDAs, forklift computers and smartphones
  • Pick By Voice
  • Pick and put to light functionality
  • Single instance for multiple tenants and multiple warehouses
  • Yard Management module
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Warehouse Control System
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